Established in 2015, VoW is on the tip of the spear for promoting the use of entheogens to combat the after-effects of war. We remain steadfast in the belief that better options are available to those that continue suffering.

Veterans of War is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to preventing veteran suicide.

We accomplish our mission through administration of a curriculum supporting our veteran utilizing all 3 American Psychological Association-approved methods to combat the after-effects of war: psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and education/support.

The first part of our journey into healing relies on building a unit-mindset in the veterans that we serve within each cohort. We link them together, have bi-weekly meetings with an experienced coach that provides classes aimed at educating them about the mindful use of entheogens, what to expect in terms of potentially major worldview shifts, and tools such as meditation and breath work to aid integration of lessons learned.

Veteran Cohorts are responsible for paying for flights to the jungle city of Iquitos, Peru for an intensive 14 day workshop provided by VoW and focused on the mindful use of the ancient entheogen ayahuasca as a diagnostic tool and connector in order to help them better understand and overcome PTS, MST, addiction, insomnia, and/or other imbalances of the psyche. We offer four chances for each veteran to drink the sacred Amazonian tea in a safe, clean, and supported environment over the course of the workshop, as well as integration-coaching after each session, excursion opportunities into the jungle to visit the native tribes between sessions, group yoga, and guided meditation sessions.

Upon completion of the workshop in Peru, VoW continues to support the veteran cohort for an additional 4 months with continued bi-weekly group coaching sessions with certified coaches to ensure that the revelations and connection they’ve individually received remain active parts of their post-workshop lives. We want the new life changes to stick, and we work to make sure they do by providing an ongoing platform for connection, growth and support.

Unlike most veteran-centric programs, VoW’s involvement doesn’t end with the completion of our program. After the final coaching session, VoW works to pair each veteran-in-transition to a successfully transitioned peer/mentor in perpetuity (or simply as long as the veteran needs their support). We work to build healthy life-connections that sustain permanent growth to greater serve our veteran community.

Our goal is to help the veteran realize that the tools for successful transition were within them all along; in coming to this realization, we hope that successful veterans that have reconnected to their inner-warrior, and in turn willingly transition into our peer/mentor group in order to help others that will follow them on this sacred journey.

Ayahuasca is an amazing plant, but its not a “silver bullet” or a cure-all. It represents hard, uncomfortable work. It is not a path for everyone to walk. In fact, it is typically after trying many different modalities unsuccessfully that veterans find us. Ayahuasca is perhaps the most powerful known psychedelic on the planet in use for healing trauma. It is an extreme solution for an extreme problem.

The use of Ayahuasca has been compared to “10 years of psychotherapy condensed into 4 hours,” and “about as much fun as cleaning a festering wound by hand,” and as such, it only works if the veteran does also.

2.7 million service members have been to the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, and over half of them have deployed more than once. Many times that number of Americans have borne the costs of war as spouses, parents, children, and friends cope with their loved ones’ absence, mourn their deaths, or greet the changed person who often returns.”
— Brown University, Cost of War Project, 2019